Monitoring Adoptive Placements

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Monitoring Adoptive Placements

When a child is placed for adoption with a person who is not the child’s foster parent, a social worker from OAS will visit the home within 14 calendar days of the date of adoptive placement to:

  1. Ensure that the adoptive parent received all available non identifying information on the child.
  2. Address any questions or concerns the adoptive parent or child may have about the adoption process or placement.
  3. Ensure that the family has addressed the educational needs of the child.
  4. Ensure that an adoptive parent who works has made appropriate child care arrangements.

Following the initial placement visit described in subsection (A) the social worker from OAS will:

  1. Visit the adoptive family at least once every two months until the adoption is finalized, except when the adoptive child is a child with special needs, the visits will occur at least once a month during the first six months following the initial placement visit, at least alternating visits will occur at the adoptive family’s home.
  2. Interview all members of the adoptive family’s household during the placement supervision period.
  3. Discuss the following issues With the adoptive parent if appropriate in light of the child’s age of development:
    1. How the presence of the child has changed familial relationships.
    2. How the child and the extended family view each other.
    3. The role each family member has assumed regarding child care and discipline.
    4. How the parent is coping with the needs and demands of the placed child.
    5. How the child challenges or tests the placement and how the family reacts to these episodes, including any feelings of insecurity about the propriety of the family members’ response.
    6. How the family perceives the child’s sense of identity and the need to fill in gaps in the child’s history.
    7. How the child has adjusted to the school environment.