“To whom it may concern,

We have been so fortunate to have found “Oasis Adoption.” Oasis has been an integral part of building our forever family. Through Oasis, we completed the homestudy process for our oldest son who was adopted from Guatemala. It was also Oasis that assisted us in completing our re-adoption in the states to finalize our son’s future as a U. S. citizen.

Nearly two years after completing our first adoption, we called upon Oasis again to assist us with the homestudy for our second international adoption. However during this time, we were blessed with a second child that was born in the United States, a domestic adoption. Oasis Adoption, more specifically, Catherine Braman, played a huge role in helping us finalize this adoption. Catherine acted as a birth counselor for our birth mother, helping her make the right choices for herself and her child and facilitated the process from making the arrangements for the arrival of our child to the legal process of finalization of the adoption.

Now, we continue with our international adoption and look forward to Oasis Adoption facilitating the re-adoption process in the states to insure all rights of citizenship of our little girl. Catherine Braman has continued to look in on our family and has been a consummate professional in her duties. Catherine Braman and Oasis Adoption understands the importance of building happy families. We highly recommend them in providing a much needed service to families looking to grow through adoption.”

Linda Eppich

“My husband and I have used Oasis Adoption Services as our home study agency for both of our adoptions to China. The agency is professional, friendly, reliable and knowledgeable. Any questions we had regarding the adoption process were answered quickly and correctly. They understood the specific requirements necessary to complete a home study for an international adoption and completed both studies in a timely manner.

Our social worker, Nancy Larison, was wonderful to work with. She is a part of our family and we are grateful to have worked with her on both occasions. Nancy also completed our required follow up visits. She is friendly, respectful, and easy to talk to, yet she maintained a professional attitude regarding the home study. She accommodated our busy schedules and always made us feel at ease. Her attention to detail was flawless.

I would highly recommend Catherine Braman and the entire staff at Oasis Adoption Services for your adoption needs. They are skilled professional who get the job done right! “

Kathy Wong
Glendale, Arizona

” We were fortunate to find Oasis Adoption as our home-study agency for our adoption. We worked with two people, Catherine Braman, the principal, and Ralph Ibsen as the caseworker. They are both wonderful humans and fantastic professionals. From the first time you speak with Braman you will notice that she is a careful listener, considerate, and compassionate. She clearly stands for the principle of bettering children and parents with this process. Professionally, she is very responsive to individual needs and schedules. She is very patient and reliable. Her follow-up with the details and administrative organizations is impeccable. The home study product she puts out is excellent, meeting the needs of the courts, the CIS, the foreign country in our case, and of course, her client.
Ibsen is a keen observer of people who will get to know who you really are very quickly (hopefully this is good). He has a wealth of professional and personal experience that has facilitated this acumen. When he believes in you, he will be your advocate, preventing misinterpretation and fighting for the right outcome. His writing is excellent and his communication is even better. If you are considering working with this firm, and you are within the government standards to achieve your goal, think no further. There may be equal firms, but there is none better. “

Susan & Stuart Friedman
Scottsdale, Arizona

” My experience with Oasis Adoption Services was fantastic. Catherine Braman is astute and professional. Throughout the adoption process in our dealings with various governmental entities we repeatedly heard the highest regards for Ms. Braman. She is highly respected in the adoption community.
Personally, we found Catherine friendly and approachable — which eases the inevitable stress accompanying the adoption process. Ms. Braman assisted us with two separate adoptions and we are thrilled to announce we have three healthy young children. I highly recommend Oasis Adoption Services to anyone considering adoption. “

Janelle Schaeffer, Attorney at law

” The adoption Process is, we suspect, always daunting, but in our case it was actually frightening, as our 15 year old foreign-born and raised “daughter” was already living with us. That made the process seem like one which could tear our new and peculiar little family apart, even after so many struggles to get her safely here. We saw the adoption as a legal formality which had to be attempted and endured, in order to ensure her future well-being. We were so afraid that no one would understand our unusual story, that we would be judged too old, too young, too poor, too religious, too unsettled, too rigid, too…

Our lawyer explained that a home study would be required – one more threat! To our surprise and delight when Catherine Braman came into our lives, and into our adoption process, she was an enthusiastic, encouraging breath of fresh air. After explaining to us by phone all about the purpose and procedure of a home study, Catherine came into our home as a welcomed quest. Having already consulted with our lawyer, she knew something about who we were and what we needed, both legally and functionally. In fact, it was Catherine who taught us about the many legal and social service process that were already underway – processes designed, not to threaten us, but to help put new families together. From the first interview, we sensed that Catherine was involved with us as someone who truly cared about our daughter and who believed that we could make a fine home for her. She listened to our story so very carefully. She understood, Her questions were not always easy to answer, but they were relevant and important- she pointed out some problem areas in our home life, but she always offered suggestions as to how those could be corrected. She spoke from long experience with families and adoptions, as well as with the court system.

It wasn’t until our anxiety had been replaced by trust, that we realized Catherine really meant what she had said right from the start, that her role was not only to inspect our home and our suitability as parents, but to help us become a strong secure family. Catherine Braman gave us so much more than a stamp of approval to show the judge, she made our adoption process authentic, useful, and positive. “

Frederick and Deborah Lundgren
Tucson, AZ

” Catherine’s easygoing personality and caring attitude made the home study process much easier and much more pleasant than either of us had imagined. Although we did a lot of research on our own about adoption, she provided us with several additional useful references and is a great resource of information about Arizona state requirements. ”

Steve and Cindy Rakowski
Phoenix, Arizona

” Catherine is professional and easy to work with. Catherine makes an extra effort to learn more about new programs (i.e. Polish Adoptions) for her clients! She provides prompt and courteous service to her clients and colleagues. ”

Mimi Huminski
Huminska’s Anioly, Inc.

” Dedicated, compassionate, results oriented, knowledgeable and trustworthy. These are but a few words to describe the professional services of Catherine Braman. Your adoption is a very personal time in your lives and Ms. Braman is a sensitive individual who will have your interests in mind. ”

Lee and Kim Oser
Tucson, Arizona

” My name is Marianne Adams. I have been the director of Children’s Hope International (CHI) in Scottsdale, Arizona for the past eight years. My corporate office is located in St. Louis, MO. CHI works in the adoption field in the countries of China, Guatemala, Vietnam, Russia, India, and Columbia.

I have been so lucky to find Oasis Adoption Services. For the first time in years I can trust that the social workers will do their job. I do not have to do follow up reminders regarding fingerprints and dead lines. I could not believe how much of my time has been freed up because I no longer have to make certain fingerprints are checked on and paperwork is followed through the court.

I have been very happy with the way the social workers with Oasis Adoption Services communicate with me. We continually discuss possible issues and the best solutions. I know that Oasis is a very busy agency and has lots of clients. We work together on what needs to be prioritized.

My clients are telling me they are getting educated during the home study process as to all the “good and bad” of International Adoption. I want my clients to hear it all – good and bad. I want them to be educated and not have them get caught in a situation that they have never heard of before. I want them to go into International Adoption expecting the worse, and be pleasantly surprised because it wasn’t as bad as they expected because they had been so well prepared by Oasis Adoption Services.

In summary, I have been blessed to have found a wonderful agency, and competent organized social workers I can trust. These social workers truly care for their clients, they worry about them, they get excited for them and with them, and best of all they love their job and it shows. ”

Marianne Adams, Director
Children’s Hope International

” I was referred to Catherine by an agency I used in California. She was very easy to get a hold of to take care of my needs as a birth mother. She was there every step of the way for the adoption process before and after the adoption. She made appointments that fit around my schedule. She explained to me all the legal stuff I needed to know to finalize the adoption process of my son. She made sure I understood exactly what the documents meant. She also made sure that I was emotionally ok with the ordeal of giving my son up for adoption. She went beyond the call of duty and made sure that my daughter was ok with the process of her brother living somewhere else. Overall she is a really good listener, counselor and someone I considered a friend that came at a time when I needed her most. “


” Dear Catherine,
This is just a quick note to say thank you for all that you have done to help us start and grow into a family. You have been timely and professional throughout and we have appreciated your thoroughness and patience in guiding us all the way through. Our social worker, Ralph, was an absolute delight to deal with and we have learned a great deal through Oasis. As we’ve just finished our last post placement I thought it a good time to look back on the process and to thank you for making an extremely complex affair manageable. Thank you for all of your fine efforts,
Warm wishes, ”

From Scottsdale, AZ